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Fear the Living -rp-

Pale blue eyes would stare from under cooly out from under a camouflage hoodie, and the survivor’s chest would rise and fall with a gentle intake of breath. The air reeked of decay and ozone, from the infection and a angry sky above, lightning guttering and snarling amongst its dark confines.

Glancing off to the side, the hood rustling from the motion, Auryon would take note of another figure. It didn’t walk with the lopsided gaint of a zombie…And it had a trenchcoat and weapons. Resting a hand along the pommel of a large machete, she’d blink and a small smile would form on her scarred features before she called out, shifting her stance to where her knee was locked and shoulders cocked in a manner that suggested boredom,

'Who are you…?'

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